Per Wichstad -

I like to make two types of videos:

  • Videos with a theme, like macrolife, certain species and so on.
  • Videos capturing the moment, like a divetrip, above/below water, drone footage and so on

On my YouTube channel you can find a bit of both types. The earlier clips are from my GoPro period and the later clips are shot with better camera and lighting. I have highlighted a few examples on this page but feel free to check out my other videos on my channel.

Macrolife in the Oslofjord

This film is shot together with my divebuddy Espen and we submitted it to a contest for underwater video in Norway. As the title suggest it is shot in the Oslofjord...

Some more macrolife from a local divesite in the fjord

It can be quite fascinating to watch the marine life close up. Things that appear to lay still is actually moving and it can be very satisfying to watch details that you normally wouldn't pay attention to.


This video is taken in a small lake, Lygnstøylsvatnet (I know it is a tongue twisting name even in Norwegian). It is situated in the western part of Norway, a couple of hours from Ålesund. In the beginning of last century this was not a lake and there was a small settlement here with a few houses and a small road going through the valley. Then, some hundred year ago the was a landslide downstream from the small river running through the valley, which blocked the river and the area was flooded. It is still possible to see remains of the houses and the road, and there is also a small bridge where the river was originally. It is a popular dive site in Norway.


For us living in the cold north it is always a treat to go to warmer waters to dive. Here is a quite long video from the Maldives, at the Baa atoll. This is where you find the Hanifaru bay which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is said to be one of the largest feeding areas of Manta Rays, and indeed there was a lot of them there. Really nice experience and lots of sea life.

Local dive trip

This is not a very spectacular video but it shows an ordinary dive trip, and catches the atmosphere. Many of my photos are taken on dive trips like these. I really appreciate this small local trips and they make up for the vast majority of diving I do.