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Per Wichstad - WichDykk.no

I dive mostly in the Oslofjord, since that is my local area. The Oslofjord is not known for it's clear visibility, but instead there is a rich macro life with lots of small critters. You will find lots of nudibranchs, crustaceans and fish.

The Oslofjord is generally a cold water spot (below 10 degrees Celsious) more than half of the year where February and March is the coldest months. It is not unusual to to have temperatures around 3 to 4 degrees in the upper water column.

I started diving and photographing in 2016. I started with a simple GoPro camera and as interest grew I upgraded to a compact camera in an Ikelite housing. Today I use a Sony fullframe mirrorless camera in a Nauticam housing (Sony A7RII)

As visibility is limited in my area I do not have a vast library with wide angle shots, most of it is taken outside the Oslofjord, either in west/north of Norwyay or in tropical waters.

I do both video and photo. I don't have a preferred media, both has it's own charm. For macro video it is a must to have a tripod and a steady base, this can be quite cumbersome, so it is often easier to just set up the rig for photo. The bottom condition can often be quite muddy/silty so it is a challenge to get clear video if you are not careful setting up the rig.

Still after all the pictures I have taken I still hunt for new species and experiences. There is a lot to be learned in both marine biology and technical ways to get the best pictures.

My main driver is to take pictures with good technical quality, not so much the unique marine life. If I can get both that's an added bonus.

I edit most of my photos in Lightroom. I'm OK with adjusting exposure, remove backscatter, spots and adjust whitebalance/colors. I do not add foreign elements or move objects in the picture. I usually don't edit in Photoshop as I feel that will do too much with the original photo. But there is of course exceptions: if you need to remove a fin from an otherwise great shot I can do that!


  • Dives done in 2022
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Last updated June 7th 2024